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About Us

Three33 was built on the foundations for a world where almost all businesses and brands had to make 'online' a serious approach and try achieve maximum results through paid digital advertising. We're an agency that puts its clients first and takes pride in the meaningful life-long relationships we build daily.

But let's share how the foundations were laid for what we have today...


Three33 was not the edition... No. No. No. After many different names, many clients, and so on, it finally arose after a turning point in the business came about. A long awaited one that I might add.

But despite starting our marketing careers separately, in 2018-19 after mastering local business marketing, and thousands of hours fine-tuning our strategies & frameworks, a merger was made between two really compatible agencies - V8 Media and Three33.


We simply set out wanting to help as many other business owners really achieve great results from the marketing efforts online. Then it became apparent that not only was there was a huge delivery gap in the online/ e-commerce industry, but also in everyday businesses - local and international - striving to grow or simply sustain their situation. And so we our heads together and began building a solution to bridge it.

Nathan Visser_Three33 Founder_edited.jpg

Nathan Visser, Founder & Director

120 k+ Followers

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve helped countless brands scale to 6 & 7-figure months. Using prescriptive analysis, we establish our clients lowest-hanging-fruit and focus entirely on the path of least resistance.

It's natural for humans to want the path of less friction, right? But not when it comes to business. Owners seem to make things unnecessarily complex and then find themselves lost in what they were trying to achieve.

See, whilst most other agencies create more chaos, we understand that the secret to scaling is not further service-stacking or complexion. It’s simply the understanding of data. Showing us what is working already, and focusing our efforts there - simple.

We're not your "typical marketing agency".

Over the years, doing this, spending lots on ads, seeing the data behind different owners businesses, it's allowed us to condense and simplify the chaos into simple, result achieving strategies.


And this is what makes us different. 

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